Live Sports TV for TV Box Android – Download App & Install

If you are looking to download Live Sports TV for Android TV box fast and easy this is the best guide, only here we are going to show you the instructions to install this application on your Android box.

It is possible to install Live Sports TV on tv boxes such as: MECOOL KM3, Nvidia Shield, SUNNZO X96 mini, BQEEL Android, Alfawise H96 Pro+, Amazon Fire TV Stick. Follow the instructions as it is taught so that you get to install without any problem this app fast and simple.

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Live Sports TV for tv box

Download Live Sports TV on Android TV Box

With the help of downloader we will manage to download and also install this and also other Android applications and not necessarily from the Play Store, in the next paragraphs you have images to complement the instructions.

1 In our android box we must have installed the downloader app, with this application is downloaded directly any apk in this case Live Sports TV. So in case you do not have it on your android tv box, you can go to the app store to find it and install it. Then we just have to open it.

how to install apps on tv box

2 Inside the downloader we have to put the download link: and then click on the “GO” button as shown in the following image:

download android apps on tv box

3 In this step we must wait for the download to start and finish, the time it takes will depend on the speed you have on your network and the size of the file.

apps to watch free tv channels on tv box

How to install Live Sports TV on android tv box

4 After the download is finished we will go to the installation process of Live Sports TV on our android box, for this using the remote control we must choose the “INSTALL” button and ready.

download apps to watch free movies on tv box

5 When the app installer comes out we just have to confirm once again the installation, for this at the bottom we will look for the “Install” option and that’s it.

install apk on tv box android tv

6 To complete the process we must enter and use the app, for this we have to look for the Live Sports TV app icon in the app drawer of the Android box.

install apk on android tv box

The way to install this app with downloader is very simple and generally works in each and every one of the tv box with Android certified, however in the event that you can not use downloader, then you have another option.

Download Live Sports TV without downloader

It may happen that in some tv box with android is not possible to install downloader, consequently you can not download Live Sports TV on your android box, if you have this inconvenience do not worry that with the this method you are going to be able to install this app without any inconvenience.

1 A fast way to download applications like Live Sports TV without downloader is from the google chrome browser or any other, simply we must enter and put the link and press ENTER to start the automatic download.

download apps on android tv box without play store

2 If the download link has been placed correctly, the browser will automatically ask you to accept the download of the app in .apk format. To confirm just click on the OK button and the download will start.

how to update apps on tv box android tv

3 You must be attentive, because when the download is finished a message will appear indicating that the download is finished with the option to open the file. Here we click on OPEN and the installation will start.

install unofficial apps on tv box

4 Finally, just click on the “INSTALL” button and that’s it, the download and installation of Live Sports TV on an Android box without downloader was done simply and quickly.

install apps without downloader on tv box

This procedure is not only done with the chrome browser, it is also compatible in any internet browser, you can paste the link the any other that comes by default on your tv box and it will download without problem.

Error with Live Sports TV on Android TV Box

When trying to install an app on devices such as fire tv or tv box is somewhat difficult and we find failures, however they manage to solve very quickly. In the following sections we share some recommendations if you have errors when downloading the app.

My gadget does not have the downloader application, another alternative? From the google chrome browser you can download the apk, as indicated in the second procedure. This process is ideal for Android tv boxes that do not manage to do it from downloader.

The Live Sports TV download link does not work, what to do? Please let us know in the comments if the link is no longer working so we can update it and move to another one.

The app looks upside down, rotated or flipped, how to fix it? This happens because certain apps are not fully optimized to work on the large screens of a tv box. To solve it we must use the Set Orientation app to configure the orientation of the app.

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