Soplayer para TV Box Android – Download App & Install Apk

Today in this article you have the correct methods to install and download Soplayer for android tv box, we leave 2 ways to get this application for your android tv box or amazon firestick, since it is the same. process.

In the same way you will be able to download the latest version of Soplayer 2021, from now on we tell you that the application has compatibility in different models and brands of tv box: Nvidia Shield, Alfawise H96 Pro+, SUNNZO X96 mini, Khadas VIM3, BQEEL Android, Beelink GT King.

download soplayer tv box

Download Soplayer on Android TV Box

It has the direct link for fast download, using the downloader app you can download Soplayer without any problem on your gadget, just follow the instructions to the letter.

1 The first thing we will do is open the downloader application on our tv box, in case we do not have this application we must download it from the Play Store. We enter the store and look for Downloader, install it and open it.

how to install apps on tv box

2 In downloader we have to put the download link: and then click on the “GO” button as shown in the picture below:

download android apps on tv box

3 Now at this point it only corresponds to wait a few moments so that the download finishes and the installation can be done, this is very fast and does not have to take more than five minutes.

apps to watch free tv channels on tv box

How to install Soplayer on android tv box

4 Continuing with the installation, in this section it touches to install the Soplayer application on tvbox, when the download is finished, we must click on the “INSTALL” button.

download apps to watch free movies on tv box

5 When the installer of the application comes out, it only corresponds to confirm the installation again, for this at the bottom we will look for the “Install” option and that’s it.

install apk on tv box android tv

6 Finally, when you have finished installing the Soplayer application only remains to go to the applications menu of our tv box to find the Soplayer app that we finished installing.

install apk on android tv box

The way to install this application with downloader is very simple and is generally compatible on all tv boxes with Android certified, however in the case that you can not use downloader, then you have a second option.

Download Soplayer without downloader

It may happen that on some android boxes it is not possible to install downloader, therefore you can not download Soplayer on your android box, if you have this mishap do not worry that with the this method you can install this application without error.

1 In this method we are going to use Chrome browser or whatever you have installed on your android tv box, we have to open it and copy the link: at the top, where the URL goes, as in the screenshot you can see:

download apps on android tv box without play store

2 Previously to the download start it will ask us if we want to download an unofficial app, in this case it is enough just to click on the “OK” button and the Soplayer app will start downloading in our tvbox.

how to update apps on tv box android tv

3 You must be alert, because at the end of the download a message will appear indicating that the download is finished with the option to open the file. Here we click on OPEN and the installation will begin.

install unofficial apps on tv box

4 Once finished, just click on the “INSTALL” button and that’s it, the download and installation of Soplayer in a tvbox without downloader was achieved in a simple and fast way.

install apps without downloader on tv box

Do not forget that the direct download link must be placed where the link goes or URL of the browser.

Error with Soplayer on Android TV Box

When you try to install an application on a gadget like amazon fire stick or tv box it gets a bit complicated and we run into errors, however they can be fixed very quickly. In the following sections we will share some recommendations if you have errors when downloading the application.

I can’t install downloader on my android tv box, what to do? If you can not download or install downloader on your android tv box, you can download the app directly from Chrome, just copy the download link in the URL of google chrome and the download will be done automatically.

The application does not open when I open it, I can not use it because it does not work, what can I do? We advise you to try another version of this apk because due to incompatibility it does not run on your android box.

Problem when installing, you can not because you need to install Google Play services, if you have this fault on your tv box, you have to go to the settings and look for Google services, then stop the app and delete data and then return to install Soplayer on your tvbox.

Compatible with some of these tv box: RK3399, Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite 2020, Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019, SUNNZO X96 mini, Xiaomi Mi TV Box S, Amazon Fire TV Stick Pro 2020, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Nvidia Shield TV 2019, Allwinner H6.

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