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On this website you have the best guide to download Pia VPN on an Android TV box, you have each and every one of the steps to install this apk and be able to enjoy its content on the big screen of your TV.

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You can also download the latest version of VPN by Private Internet Access 2021, from now on we tell you that the app is compatible with different models and brands of TV boxes: Nvidia Shield, Alfawise H96 Pro+, SUNNZO X96 mini, Khadas VIM3, BQEEL Android, MECOOL KM3.

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pia vpn app tv box

Download Pia VPN on Android TV Box

Through the help of downloader we are going to manage to download and likewise install this and also other Android apps and also not necessarily from the Play Store, in the next paragraphs you have pictures to help instructions.

1 To begin with downloading the Pia VPN apk on a tvbox, you should employ the downloader app, which works as a download manager and browser. We must open it.

how to install apps on tv box

2 When entering downloader we have to go to the browser and download section, which in general is in “BROWSER“, here we will put the link of the direct download of Pia VPN which in this case is: https://bit.ly/3bxrubF and then click on “GO” as shown in the screenshot:

download android apps on tv box

3 If you have fast internet, the download of the application will be done in seconds, we just have to wait until it finishes to be able to install the Pia VPN app.

apps to watch free tv channels on tv box

How to install Pia VPN on android tv box

4 Continuing with the installation, in this step it is time to install the Pia VPN app on android tv box, when the download is finished, we have to click on the “INSTALL” button.

download apps to watch free movies on tv box

5 When the installer of the application appears, it only corresponds to confirm the installation once again, to do this at the bottom we look for the “Install” option and that’s it.

install apk on tv box android tv

6 Finally, when you have finished installing the Pia VPN application, all you have to do is go to the applications menu of your android box to find the Pia VPN app that you have just installed.

install apk on android tv box

The way to install this application with downloader is very simple and generally works on each and every one of the tvboxes, but if you can’t use downloader, below you have another option.

Download Pia VPN without downloader

For whatever reason you can’t use downloader to install Pia VPN on your tv box, you must follow this other optional procedure to get this application installed on your tvbox.

1 With the help of Chrome browser or the browser that you have by default on your android tv box we will download Pia VPN apk on your tv box, for this we simply open the browser and write at the top the next url address: https://bit.ly/3bxrubF

download apps on android tv box without play store

2 Before the download starts it will ask us if we want to download an unofficial app, in this case just click on the “OK” button and the VPN by Private Internet Access app will start downloading on our android tv box.

how to update apps on tv box android tv

3 You must be alert, because at the end of the download a message will appear indicating that the download is finished with the option to open the file. Here we click on OPEN and the installation will begin.

install unofficial apps on tv box

4 When the Android installer is displayed, you have to confirm the installation, for this click on the bottom right option “Install” and that’s it. Next you have a case of how it would be done.

install apps without downloader on tv box

Avoid getting confused when copying the link in the browser, if you put a dot or an incorrect letter you will not be able to download the app.

Error with Pia VPN on Android TV Box

When you try to install an application on a gadget such as fire stick or tvbox it is a bit difficult and we find errors, however they can be solved very quickly. In the following sections we share some recommendations if you have errors when downloading the app.

My android tv box does not have the downloader application, another alternative option? From the chrome browser you can download the application, as indicated in the second method. This process is ideal for the tv boxes that can not do it from downloader.

In the moment that you have a failure with an application it is advisable to delete the data so that it is restored and in this way there are no more failures. To do this, go to Settings > Apps > Search for the Pia VPN application and delete the data.

When you open the app the screen shows me turned and can not be used, if you have this inconvenience that the VPN by Private Internet Access apk comes out upside down, it is advisable to employ the Set Orientation app to solve the fault.

You can enjoy this apk at: Beelink GT King, SUNNZO X96 mini, Magcubic 6K+ Ultra HD, Khadas VIM3, Allwinner H6, Xiaomi Mi TV Box S, Nvidia Shield TV 2019, RK3399, Amazon Fire TV Stick.

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